February 16, 2017

Before You Board…

Before you board, we know there are probably a lot of questions you have for us! You can always reach out to us but here are a few of the basics.

What is included on the tour?

The cruise itself includes complimentary beverages and hors d’oeuvres. You are welcome to a choice of white wine and sangria the Captain’s choice in a selection of beers, ginger ale, and water, all accompanied by a light tray of hors d’oeuvres: carrots, sesame rounds, and spinach artichoke dip. For special occasions, we welcome you to bring your own drink of choice to enjoy. No corking fee will apply. The cruise includes tour commentary provided by Captain Axel, as he talks about what you are seeing along the picturesque waterfront, the history of Wrightsville Beach, and the history of the boat.

How do we pay for our cruise?

We will reserve your spot with your credit card but we do not charge your card until the day of the cruise. Gratuity is not included, but it is appreciated.

Are children allowed on board? 

Yes, it is your cruise your people. Each guest regardless of age will count as 1 seat and will be subject to the normal booking fee.

What about inclement weather? 

It is the Captains discretion to cancel due to weather. This decision is made 15 minutes prior to departure. There is no charge if we do not cruise due to unsafe weather.

What about last minute cancellations?

Cancellation Policy: 100% refund for notice of 72 hours on Private Charters; 24 hours on Sunset Sails. If you choose not to proceed with your cruise, you will still be charged the cancellation fee. If you cancel or are not present at departure on the day of the cruise, then the full price will be charged. Please email cancellations to captain@ladeedahcruises.com.

What about last minute cruises?

Due to the nature of these cruises and the preparation we put into making it the very best experience possible, we encourage you to book as early as possible. We highly encourage booking prior to 2 pm the day of your cruise, if not sooner.

What days are cruises?

As long there is a sunset, we will still cruise.

What do I wear?  

Especially with picturesque views like these, we understand that you want to look your best for those pictures! However, we encourage you to enjoy the experience comfortably (no heels, ladies!). We recommend you wear vacations casual and comfortable shoes and don’t forget your camera. We suggest a light jacket in spring and fall as the sea breeze is a little chilly.

Where do we board?

We depart from the docks of Motts Channel Seafood located at 120 Short Street, Wrightsville Beach, NC. We’re directly behind Redix and the Post Office, and past the dry dock turn right and then immediately left, you’re there when you see the neon grouper light – We’ll meet you 15 minutes before departure under the covered area! We are taking reservations for our cruises beginning in May. Feel free to contact us with questions and visit our Facebook page!